PRIME 2006 was amazing in that it was held in Otranto Italy. Otranto is in the Southern part of Italy - where you'll find some amazing local cuisine. I don't know how but even the Spaghetti in Southern Italy tastes like the most amazing food on Earth. After the conference I took a tour of most of Italy, visiting areas like Lecce, Roma (Rome), Firenze (Florence), Milan, Lake Como, Lugano (Switzerland), Venizia (Venice), Asisi, Napoli (Naples), Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, and finally on the way back I also visited London England. Needless to say it was quite the trip. I took over 2500 photos - below you'll find a sample of some of my more favorite shots.

A view of St. Francis of Assisi's church

Italian country side in Assisi

More Italian country side in Assisi

The Capri coastline

A view of the Capri coastline high up

Roman art

A beautiful coastline view of Capri

More Capri coast

A horticultural art master piece

The area around Lake Como

A fishing island in Lake Como

The church in Florence where Galileo and many other famous Italians from the renaisance are burried

The Duomo of Florence

Ponte Vecio in Florence

Baroque art in building fascade in Lecce

An ancient Roman stadium in the heart of Lecce

Harbor in Lake Lugano Switzerland

More Lugano. Just gorgeous.

More Lugano

A church high atop the alps in Lugano, Mont Tamale

A view from the alps in Switzerland

Taking the cable car in the alps

Famous alpine cows in Switzerland. Memories of DDLJ ;)

Milan shopping centre. Inspiration of the Eaton Centre in Toronto

Famous Duomo in Milan - unfortunately covered for a concert while I was there

The Sorrento coast line near Naples

The clear blue waters of the Adriatic on the coast of Otranto

Italian sunset in Otranto

Part of the Masoleum in the church complex in Pisa.

The church complex in Pisa - look in the far back you'll see a famiiar site

The leaning tower of Pisa

An orignal Roman Aquaduct > 2000 years old on the way to Pisa

Ancient ruins in Pompeii

More Pompeii ruins

Well preserved ruins in Pompeii

Roman home in Pompeii

ruins in Pompeii

more ruins in Pompeii

Egyptian Oblisque in Rome

Arch of Constantine in Rome

The Roman Coliseum

Inside the Coliseum

Outside the Pantheon in Rome

Looking up at the dome in the pantheon

cross view inside the Pantheon

Michealangelo's master piece, the Pieta

Inside St. Peter's Bascilica, Vatican city

More of St. Peters

Even More of St. Peters. The ceilings are immense in this building

Outside the Vatican

Trevi fountain in Rome

Coastal view of Sorrento

In Sorrento after Italy advances in the 2006 World Cup!


Waiting to get into the Vatican museum

Outside the Vatican

Ceiling inside Vatican Museum

St Mark's square in Venice

Gondolas in Venice

A rare quiet street in Venice

Lots of Gondolas

The grand canal in Venice

Sunset behind tower in St. Mark's square, Venice

A beautiful Venetian sunset

A view high up of Verona

The supposedly 'real' balcony of Julliet

Well preserved Roman stadium in Verona

Tower bridge in London

The Tower of London ... where's UNIT?

Buckingham palace

Big Ben

more Big Ben and Parliment


British phone boxes ... no sign of the TARDIS

Picadelly Circus London

A leisurly walk through St. James Park, London

Nice views in St. James park

More nice scenery in St. James park

St. Peters

Trafalgar Square

The London Eye

More London Eye. Good thing the Nestene isn't there any more ;)