In my spare time I try to dabble in a bunch of different things to maintain my sanity. One of my more fruitful hobbies is scoring music. Music is one of my on again off again passions. It's something I can't claim to know much about, but it's something that's fun to experiment in every so often. Of course any true musician needs a name, hence the genesis of 'Imuzican' - my musically inclined artsy alter-ego :)

Below you'll find a few tracks I've produced over the years. The first one is called 'life in transition'. The name comes from the fact that each musical segment in the track uses different orchestral palettes to reflect the different kinds moods and energy people tend to have as they start out young and eventually age. The score starts off 'young' and eventually ends up 'old'. It's a rather cynical piece - not that I'm cynical, but cynicism can make for good music. The second track is called 'rain'.

Hope you enjoy the tracks!


1.  [Life in transition.mp3].


album art


2. [rain.mp3]